For those who are developing their PLN or have decided to continue with what they have started. I think this article would be helpful especially it teaches you how to include a Youtube button on your website.

I was reading about PLN and comparing the tools online and i came across this blog that highlights the usage of Learnist in class which i thought would be interesting for those that may want to consider using it as a form of student engagement.

The other site that i would like to share is on the comparison between Diigo vs Pinterest. After reading the comparison it is clear that Pinterest is the better tool over Diigo in terms of visual presentation however there are some issues to consider when it is applied in a classroom setting. Hence i would think that this may be a tool more for personal use rather than instructional purpose.


Online communities -Motivation

Thinking about how to sustain the motivation of the participants within the community, I was compelled to find out more on factors that would influence this behavior. Coming across numerous articles and online blogs, I found these 2 websites to provide practical persepctives in understanding motivation on online participation.

As I thought about apply IS models in the design of learning communities what come to mind would the Keller’s ARCS model. I think this model best sums up why people will actively participate in a community on their own free will. While in a formal setting sustain the interest of students to contribute beyond course requirements and through the process learn. Just some initial sharing for this week’s topic on communities.

Just searching for ideas on produsage on Youtube

Just searching for ideas on produsage on Youtube I was amazed by the tons of possibilities. I was initially thinking of using dance-hiphop as the theme and I found that there are numerous youtube tutorials and variations for a single move. Talking to some of my friends who are active in the learning dance said that Youtube tutorials is key avenue for dance enthusiast to exchange ideas or where beginners learn basic moves. Searching into some dance school’s websites, videos are also used as a reinforcement to the routine taught in class or as a catch up for those that miss it. It is also interesting that street Dance groups are also posting up their videos as a “shout outs” to rival dance groups across the globe to compete who has the highest viewed and likes. Although I am not too sure how this would fit into a formal learning setting however it gave me an idea of what Web 2.0 is about and how knowledge and experience are in constant development and shared by all. I think the differentiation between tools and Web 2.0 principles was important to me to frame the assignment for me.. I think. 


2nd Week into Web 2.0 I have definitely

2nd Week into Web 2.0 I have definitely learn a lot on the tools available out there. There are some I know about but never were interested to try but after trying it, it changed my perspective on it e.g. blogs and Pinterest. Thinking about the idea and purpose in using these tools is ultimately (in my opinion) an efficient process of collation of information and collaboration with people that share the common interest/goals. After readings the articles and text for this week, help me to appreciate the power of Web 2.0 and create awareness of the trends that spins out of it. 

I am particularly impressed by the amount and quality of information sharing that truly brought about the true meaning of constructivist learning (at least this is what i think). The motivation and power of a group coming together and sharing information that benefit each other helped me revisit my understanding of participating in a community of learning that grows together. To me there are much more to uncover, try out and experience, I wish i had the power of Dr Xavier (Professor X from X Men) I would just sit there and be fed by information and learn, just like how Web 2.0 is – feeding information.