I tried this new online video app that I thought would be useful for anyone who are looking to create videos online and it is free. While this is use for companies to create advertisement but I think it can be use for personal interest. Given that produsage 2 assignment  i am thinking that maybe using this to as way to allow people to create videos and share it within the community. 


Mendeley is cool

This week i have been trying out the suggested tools use to help organize academic research and I particularly like Mendeley.  I like how it syncs with all your portable devices that allows you to able to access to all the papers you need while on the move. The other good part of it is that its free! I have used Refworks but I like how easy to use Mendeley furthermore they even suggest other articles that are related to the category of document you upload. Other useful features are the different citations styles available and allows you to annotate on the document.  I would definitely recommend this tool.

RefWorks Mendeley
How it works Web-based application, available from any computer with web access.  Citations are saved online in the user’s RefWorks account, though users can also create backups on their own computers. Software application, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as iOS devices. Also available via a web-based interface.
How to get it FSU subscription to RefWorks. Free; go to www.mendeley.com and click on Sign Up & Download.
Strengths Works best for users switching between different computers, especially if using shared or public computers.

You can share citations with other users using the RefShare feature.

The Attachments feature allows you to save articles as well as citations on the RefWorks server and access them from any computer.

Manages not only citations, but also creates a well-managed library of your imported papers.

Regularly syncs content between machines and with the web version, keeping you always up to date.

You can form groups to share resources and citations within your lab/study group/cohort.

Integrates with MS Word for easy inserting of citations/bibliographies.

Unlike RefWorks, you can keep your account and data even after graduation.

Weaknesses Available to users only as long as FSU continues to subscribe (citations can be exported to other reference managers or to a Word file). No local support within the library.


Looking Ahead – PLN

Well its week 4 and we have only 2 weeks left, like a bullet train the semester is coming to an end. However before we hop off the train and end the semester there are assignments, so i decided to start looking online find out for myself what PLN is and how to create a PLN. I just want to share this blog that classify different tools that may you want to use for your PLN: 


This is another site which I think would be particularly useful in understanding how each tool can compliment your PLN. It covers popular tools and explains how it works and how to create your PLN. 


After reading numerous sites on how to create a PLN, the most important aspects of PLN is not about the tools but about being socially proactive in participating and sharing of information. I am interested to find out how PLN can be used to help me in my work to stimulate productivity. Time to get cracking. 



Week 4 Prompt

To be honest, prior to taking up this course I am not an active or even consider myself to be a produser. This is cause I like to limit my footprint on the Internet. My usually activities on the web often surrounds looking up for information pertaining to my travels, news and food recommendation. The concern on authorship, copyright and open access does not affect me on my willingness to participate in produsage on a personal capacity but I would avoid it when it comes to my professional career. For example, I would be willing to participate in forums to support my hobbies like training for triathlon but I would avoid political driven online activities as I work for the government and would not like to be implicated in anyway.


My participation in produsage usually comes from academic requirements. However this has helped me to see what it is like to be participating and gaining back from my contribution. For me, learning experience in this format draws me closer to the topic and motivates me to learn more from strangers who have deeper knowledge. While I know there will be lurkers and free riders that may utilize my contribution but I guess just like me they will soon open up to be active contributors once they find their footing. In terms of professional impact I would think that principles of produsage will be beneficial in context for learning and knowledge management however personal agenda such as recognition and information sensitivity of my work may cause to avoid such participation.



Online communities -Motivation

Thinking about how to sustain the motivation of the participants within the community, I was compelled to find out more on factors that would influence this behavior. Coming across numerous articles and online blogs, I found these 2 websites to provide practical persepctives in understanding motivation on online participation.



As I thought about apply IS models in the design of learning communities what come to mind would the Keller’s ARCS model. I think this model best sums up why people will actively participate in a community on their own free will. While in a formal setting sustain the interest of students to contribute beyond course requirements and through the process learn. Just some initial sharing for this week’s topic on communities.


Week 3 Reflection

I think this week is finally over with my first taste of produsage development it was really hard. It also challenged my thoughts if Web 2.0 tools are really effective tools in delivering formal education. For a novice Web 2.0 person, I found myself indecisive as  I was overwhelmed by the tools available out there. I often find myself referring to the principles behind  Web 2.0 as with the deadline drawing there are too many tools learn and implement within the assignment. Even if I was able to implement everything in, sometimes I wonder if this would overwhelm the students themselves who may have varying experience in technology. From this assignment i think I gain a great deal learning about the tools and I see the some barriers when using Web 2.0 in a formal educational setting such as time in managing these technologies and technical knowledge as a designer to develop something meaningful for the users.


This week has been a hectic week in terms of developing the lesson plan for the course. I have never signed up for so many social media tools within a short span of three days, however this has forced me to be expose to interesting ideas and thoughts of some of the tools that could be used for learning. One particular interesting idea for produsage was creating a mashup this is something I never knew it existed. I think that using this a  tool would provide efficient content aggregation that can integrate data from two or more source that provides interaction and facilitate participation. Some examples that I found online are: Flash earth – a zoomable mash-up of Google Maps and Microsoft’s Virtual Earth and Panoramio – a mash-up of Google Maps and geopositioned photographs of locations. 

One of the key enabler is the use of API (Application programming interface) this allow external programs to make requests to the one that provides such interface. Hence APIs provides an avenue for a service more useful for themselves and extend their reach to other users. I would think that with such implementation the online networks will become more complex and open up more possibilites to write user friendly tools that better utilize data from the two source. This is something i hope to try out for the subsequent assignment to see what are the possibilities in support of learning.