Learning Civics through games

I thought is an interesting way to learn through games especially when it is about civics.  I think that this form of interaction is a good way to engage learners on topics that would otherwise sound boring. I think the richness of the content would really help in encoding, just by simple simulation and interaction the key points of the lesson does get across effectively. 



4 thoughts on “Learning Civics through games

  1. Thanks for this resource Joel, I really like it.

  2. Wow! That is awesome. I have frequently thought about becoming a History or government teacher when I retired from the CG and I can only imagine how many apps like this would be available by then! Super cool!

  3. I think learning through gaming is such a great idea. It grabs students attention, keeps them entertained, and helps them learn all at the same time! Especially with topics that can be confusing or boring for some, using a game to hold that attetion will really help the students actually be able to learn rather than fall asleep at their desk.

  4. Yes i as surprised by this find and i would definitely think about bring some of these ideas back to my work.

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