Week 6 Prompt: The start of a new beginning

As mentioned in my first post, I was always passive on learning about Web 2.0 but this 6 weeks had change my perspective entirely. Trying out multitude of tools and learning how to use it for my personal learning network showed how little I know and how much more there is to learn. The exposure to communities and produsage brought more meaning to me on how I viewed wiki, online communities and YouTube videos. The participation in communities was something that I think I would try to expand to other communities to learn more on other topics of interest. In addition, I have begun to actively keep taps on new apps or social network tools as I think it will come in handy someday. The other aspect that I gained most was from this 6 weeks worth of reading the articles and Shirky’s book. It showed me many insights on the power of social network especially how wiki was started as describe in chapter 5.

Professionally, there are many portable concepts of these tools that I think can be implement into my area of work. With my current organization focusing on implementing a learning network within all training schools, I see the potential of using the concepts of Web 2.0 and tools to encourage individuals to take ownership over their own learning. While there are many factors that affect the learner, I do think that positive motivation would be their initial start off point and it how we use these tools wisely to gain and sustain their motivation. If not it would just be another novelty product.

Lastly I guess the other most memorable part to this course would be the community that we have developed in the past 6 weeks. Reviewing everyone’s blog and produsage has open up my perspective. Cross sharing of articles and cool tools made me more aware of other gaps that I have. I now begin to identify myself with #eme6414.



4 thoughts on “Week 6 Prompt: The start of a new beginning

  1. I love the quote! It perfectly sums up the course! 🙂

  2. You know, I didn’t read any word that you typed but when I saw the image of the Ben Franklin quote. I was moved because I felt the same way. This class will be the catalyst of change in how I approach my professional life.

    I think that quote was perfect. 🙂

  3. I am glad to see your enthusiastic behaviors in Web2.0 manner, especially in Twitter and Blog, bro!!

  4. I like the quote, too 🙂

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