This is an interesting article on Twitter using real user’s fake tweets to push advertisements.  This article possible would be appropriate for this week’s discussion as we talk about online privacy and security issues. The article raises the question on how credible is Twitter’s privacy policy in safeguarding their subscribers. I can only imagine the embarrassment I would feel from the possible negative reactions of my friends and colleagues who receives such tweets in my name. I guess in this case there isn’t really any ways to safeguard against such reckless action especially when it is attributed to the service provider. Hence this leads me to wonder my limits and boundaries if I was in their shoes. It is really a dilemma between feeding your social connectivity needs versus personal privacy and security online . 




3 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. This is a very serious issue, I wonder if anyone took any legal action. Last March I had my email hacked and mass emails were sent out to my contact list saying that I was stranded in London and needed money urgently. I received so many emails from those contacts trying to confirm. Though I was able to change my password and send out a email to all my contacts saying that my email was hacked, the damage was already done. Yahoo only provided me with the location of where my email was accessed but nothing more than that. It is a really sad feeling.

  2. Thats really sums up what my thoughts were on using social network at times. IF you dont you kinda of behind everything in terms of connectivity to your friends but if you do these are the inherent risk and it we who will need to manage these risk. Thanks for sharing rod!!

  3. At least from the article it sounds like no one accessed their account. Rather, a blog post featured mock tweets (sort of a proof of concept) that looked as if they had written it. Still annoying, but in a different way.

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