Mendeley is cool

This week i have been trying out the suggested tools use to help organize academic research and I particularly like Mendeley.  I like how it syncs with all your portable devices that allows you to able to access to all the papers you need while on the move. The other good part of it is that its free! I have used Refworks but I like how easy to use Mendeley furthermore they even suggest other articles that are related to the category of document you upload. Other useful features are the different citations styles available and allows you to annotate on the document.  I would definitely recommend this tool.

RefWorks Mendeley
How it works Web-based application, available from any computer with web access.  Citations are saved online in the user’s RefWorks account, though users can also create backups on their own computers. Software application, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as iOS devices. Also available via a web-based interface.
How to get it FSU subscription to RefWorks. Free; go to and click on Sign Up & Download.
Strengths Works best for users switching between different computers, especially if using shared or public computers.

You can share citations with other users using the RefShare feature.

The Attachments feature allows you to save articles as well as citations on the RefWorks server and access them from any computer.

Manages not only citations, but also creates a well-managed library of your imported papers.

Regularly syncs content between machines and with the web version, keeping you always up to date.

You can form groups to share resources and citations within your lab/study group/cohort.

Integrates with MS Word for easy inserting of citations/bibliographies.

Unlike RefWorks, you can keep your account and data even after graduation.

Weaknesses Available to users only as long as FSU continues to subscribe (citations can be exported to other reference managers or to a Word file). No local support within the library.

4 thoughts on “Mendeley is cool

  1. great comparison — I’m going to share it on my blog via a link!

  2. I am definitely going to try this out! I have so many articles spread out in different folders. Looking forward to organizing them and having them all in one place. Thanks!

  3. That’s a really nice comparison. I never considered the limits of using Refworks because I started using it in undergrad at UF. my account is still registered under UF because my email account is still active. Have you ever used ? Its another citation site that I use for quick access when making reference pages. You can download the reference page in .doc, .pdf, .rtf. html and more. Or you have the option of copy/paste directly into your document.

  4. Awesome, thanks enjoyed reading this, I feel much more educated about this now. (: I will have to try it.

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