Week 4 Prompt

To be honest, prior to taking up this course I am not an active or even consider myself to be a produser. This is cause I like to limit my footprint on the Internet. My usually activities on the web often surrounds looking up for information pertaining to my travels, news and food recommendation. The concern on authorship, copyright and open access does not affect me on my willingness to participate in produsage on a personal capacity but I would avoid it when it comes to my professional career. For example, I would be willing to participate in forums to support my hobbies like training for triathlon but I would avoid political driven online activities as I work for the government and would not like to be implicated in anyway.


My participation in produsage usually comes from academic requirements. However this has helped me to see what it is like to be participating and gaining back from my contribution. For me, learning experience in this format draws me closer to the topic and motivates me to learn more from strangers who have deeper knowledge. While I know there will be lurkers and free riders that may utilize my contribution but I guess just like me they will soon open up to be active contributors once they find their footing. In terms of professional impact I would think that principles of produsage will be beneficial in context for learning and knowledge management however personal agenda such as recognition and information sensitivity of my work may cause to avoid such participation.



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