Looking Ahead – PLN

Well its week 4 and we have only 2 weeks left, like a bullet train the semester is coming to an end. However before we hop off the train and end the semester there are assignments, so i decided to start looking online find out for myself what PLN is and how to create a PLN. I just want to share this blog that classify different tools that may you want to use for your PLN: 


This is another site which I think would be particularly useful in understanding how each tool can compliment your PLN. It covers popular tools and explains how it works and how to create your PLN. 


After reading numerous sites on how to create a PLN, the most important aspects of PLN is not about the tools but about being socially proactive in participating and sharing of information. I am interested to find out how PLN can be used to help me in my work to stimulate productivity. Time to get cracking. 



5 thoughts on “Looking Ahead – PLN

  1. Joel,
    Thanks for sharing this PLN blog, this is very helpful in creating my PLN! I have been doing a lot of experimenting with Scoop It and Diigo but haven’t not made my final decision as to which PLN I’ll be using. This is a great resource, thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m hoping this will help with the PLN. But your links are super helpful, thank you!

  3. Great job, bro!!
    I hope that this adorable blog post will be shared with more others

  4. Hi Joel, the sites you recommended in your blog are SUPER! Thanks for taking the effort to share. And the time has surely gone by so fast, we must really start to transition our focus to our PLN’s.

  5. That is an awesome image. Maybe I can ask the tech team at my internship to put something together for me.

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