Week 3 Reflection

I think this week is finally over with my first taste of produsage development it was really hard. It also challenged my thoughts if Web 2.0 tools are really effective tools in delivering formal education. For a novice Web 2.0 person, I found myself indecisive as  I was overwhelmed by the tools available out there. I often find myself referring to the principles behind  Web 2.0 as with the deadline drawing there are too many tools learn and implement within the assignment. Even if I was able to implement everything in, sometimes I wonder if this would overwhelm the students themselves who may have varying experience in technology. From this assignment i think I gain a great deal learning about the tools and I see the some barriers when using Web 2.0 in a formal educational setting such as time in managing these technologies and technical knowledge as a designer to develop something meaningful for the users.

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