This week has been a hectic week in terms of developing the lesson plan for the course. I have never signed up for so many social media tools within a short span of three days, however this has forced me to be expose to interesting ideas and thoughts of some of the tools that could be used for learning. One particular interesting idea for produsage was creating a mashup this is something I never knew it existed. I think that using this a  tool would provide efficient content aggregation that can integrate data from two or more source that provides interaction and facilitate participation. Some examples that I found online are: Flash earth – a zoomable mash-up of Google Maps and Microsoft’s Virtual Earth and Panoramio – a mash-up of Google Maps and geopositioned photographs of locations. 

One of the key enabler is the use of API (Application programming interface) this allow external programs to make requests to the one that provides such interface. Hence APIs provides an avenue for a service more useful for themselves and extend their reach to other users. I would think that with such implementation the online networks will become more complex and open up more possibilites to write user friendly tools that better utilize data from the two source. This is something i hope to try out for the subsequent assignment to see what are the possibilities in support of learning.

One thought on “Meshup

  1. I also just heard of a Mashup this week when Dr. Dennen suggested adding it to my produsage assignment. It took me a while to figure out exactly what a mashup is, and from what I’ve gathered it really it can be any number of things as long as it’s numerous sources pieced together into one product. I made a post this week about Mashups as well and Amit suggested a tool called Mozilla Popcorn Maker, so that is what I used for my produsage. I did some tutorials and tried a few other applications first (dapper and yahoo pipes) and found Popcorn Maker was the easiest to use! I made an example Mashup for my produsage so I will be sharing that when we have to explain our projects to the class! Definitely check out popcorn maker!

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