Week 3 Prompt

Collaborative blog and wiki can be employed in many organizations in a way to generate learning, collate knowledge and share ideas from individual experience; this was an initiative that my organization implemented in recent years. Working for the military, these initiatives are widely used in training institutions that allow trainees to reflect about their training experience and construct knowledge with their peers while on course. However in the organizational view this is falls under the purview of knowledge management to capture tacit knowledge that would benefit the organization, this is also to allow an alternate avenue for learners to share their thoughts and opinions within a secure environment of the intranet. Having all this has helped to shorten learning cycle in issues face in daily work and help trainees to become more interactive in participating in the course. Hence this has improved productivity and learning experience.

The technology and tools required in the context of military would be the IT infrastructure and devices that provides accessibility to the content. However the most important of part of successful implementation would require motivation of people to actively participate in blogs and wikis to create something meaningful to the organization. Thus I do think immediate superiors and peers influence and participation would be important to build this culture of blogging and wiki development within the organization.  


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