Just searching for ideas on produsage on Youtube

Just searching for ideas on produsage on Youtube I was amazed by the tons of possibilities. I was initially thinking of using dance-hiphop as the theme and I found that there are numerous youtube tutorials and variations for a single move. Talking to some of my friends who are active in the learning dance said that Youtube tutorials is key avenue for dance enthusiast to exchange ideas or where beginners learn basic moves. Searching into some dance school’s websites, videos are also used as a reinforcement to the routine taught in class or as a catch up for those that miss it. It is also interesting that street Dance groups are also posting up their videos as a “shout outs” to rival dance groups across the globe to compete who has the highest viewed and likes. Although I am not too sure how this would fit into a formal learning setting however it gave me an idea of what Web 2.0 is about and how knowledge and experience are in constant development and shared by all. I think the differentiation between tools and Web 2.0 principles was important to me to frame the assignment for me.. I think. 


2 thoughts on “Just searching for ideas on produsage on Youtube

  1. It is certainly easier to focus on tools over philosophy, isn’t it? But the tools themselves don’t do the magic. People do. That’s why there are so many “ghosts” all over the web — things built but never used, or used for a while and then abandoned.

    • I’m glad I stumbled upon these posts. I have been thinking about the same thing…that if I don’t get my content where I want it to be (at least for a start) it doesn’t matter what tools I use–It’s kind of like why I haven’t invested in a KitchenAid stand mixer…while I like to cook, I’m not very good and have no idea what to put in it! 🙂

      ps–I used to dance at Disney and this reminded me of how back in the day we would ‘watch tape’ like football players do; I guess now it is all just done in public on youtube!

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