2nd Week into Web 2.0 I have definitely

2nd Week into Web 2.0 I have definitely learn a lot on the tools available out there. There are some I know about but never were interested to try but after trying it, it changed my perspective on it e.g. blogs and Pinterest. Thinking about the idea and purpose in using these tools is ultimately (in my opinion) an efficient process of collation of information and collaboration with people that share the common interest/goals. After readings the articles and text for this week, help me to appreciate the power of Web 2.0 and create awareness of the trends that spins out of it. 

I am particularly impressed by the amount and quality of information sharing that truly brought about the true meaning of constructivist learning (at least this is what i think). The motivation and power of a group coming together and sharing information that benefit each other helped me revisit my understanding of participating in a community of learning that grows together. To me there are much more to uncover, try out and experience, I wish i had the power of Dr Xavier (Professor X from X Men) I would just sit there and be fed by information and learn, just like how Web 2.0 is – feeding information.



3 thoughts on “2nd Week into Web 2.0 I have definitely

  1. You’re right — it is a very constructivist environment and it’s amazing how (usually) the good material and interactions tend to sift to the top.

  2. And anyone that can bring in x-men deserves kudos 🙂

  3. I love this post, bro. And I know you followed my pinterest!
    For me, one advantage of social networking is being able to find someone who has same interest I have

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