Week 2 Prompt

How might the concept of produsage be applied in your life (personal and/or professional) as it stands today? Are you already a produser? If yes, what do you do? If no, why not?

To be honest this is my first time encountering this term while I have always been using wikipedia as a quick way to get information such as movie synopsis, definition, history of certain topics or concept explanation.  I never really thought about what constitutes to be an active produser even although I have always been trying to learning something online. I have never really contributed to platforms such as Wikipedia or Youtube due to by my boring job in the public sector that do not expose us to much of Web 2.0 tools.

On a personal note, I have probably participate in providing some comments in Trip advisor or food blogs after trying out some of the recommendation based on people’s experience. If the experience was good, I would also share those recommendation with my friends to as a way to raise awareness of information. Therefore, my level of participation depends on my motivation on the depth I know about the topic or prior experience. For example, if I experienced bad service from a restaurant that is said to have high standards of service I would submit a comment to highlight my experience in context. In this way, I ensure that the information becomes more accurate base on my experience and let everyone know about what my experience was.

I am actually looking forward to experience produser in the perspective of learning and see if I would actually find my motivation to follow on while see how this maybe beneficial to my job after this course. I see the benefit of the using this approach as part of BB group wikis through many online courses and how it bring about deeper knowledge and varied perspectives, thus I tend to remember the content better and appreciate it more.

Have a great 4th of july….


One thought on “Week 2 Prompt

  1. That’s true. After reading your post, I realize that what I need for being social networker is motivation.

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