Mobile Learning

Hi everyone,

Since I was writing a paper on current trends and issues in Instructional systems, I have done extensive research on some of the current applications and concepts on Mobile learning. With the fast pace development in mobile technology i would think that it is inevitable that mobile learning would definitely be the next big thing. I am certain that educators and instructional providers will definitely be looking into how to optimized such technology to delivery content and learning.

In the spirit of sharing, I found that website that recommends 32 useful Mobile learning apps. Maybe I am a little behind time…but Blackboard has a free app that we can use to access to course materials via the app rather then the website. it is a good to have in my opinion.

Have a great weekend

One thought on “Mobile Learning

  1. Hey Joel,
    There are some really cool sites on that list. It sure is a pity that this is my last semester and I wouldn’t be able to put that Blackboard app to the test. Well.. I guess I still have five weeks. Yup, I just may try it out, thanks.

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