Week 1 Prompt

What have been your prior experiences with social media and Web 2.0 technologies? Do you consider yourself a leader or follower in this realm, or something else altogether? Why? Also, discuss what you hope to get out of this class.



I am definitely a beginner in using social media and Web 2.0 technologies even though I am expose to it daily. Although I do own tablets and smartphones however I do not actively search for the newest or latest apps nor do I unitize Web 2.0 technologies much. I do share the occasional interesting news articles or videos via Facebook and read blogs of others however I consider my participation level in the virtual world to be low. Usually I would download apps based on recommendation from my friends who are more immersed on the latest apps or gadgets thus you can say that I am definitely a follower. However since taking up the Master’s program in IS, my passiveness towards technology has changed to become more inquisitive as I found interest on using such technology for the purpose of HPT and Training. It is interesting to learn how informal/formal learning can take place through social networking and Web 2.0 that leads to the growing trend in Mobile learning. The exposure to these tools and technology made me want to learn more on how to maximize technology to be more productive and efficient in learning.


Things that I would be looking for in this class would be the experience in using different tools that would be useful for learning and training. I think technology will constantly be changing thus the key intent is to understand the concepts and considerations on how to deliver training through such medium, also to develop a habit to keep tab on technological development. The next 6 weeks will definitely be a challenge, as I would have first hand experience on using tools that I have never imagine myself be using. Take my blog journal for example; I hope by the end of the course I would figure out how to design the layout and unitize so the functions to make it more users friendly and presentable.


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